About Us - Unofficial Engineering

Hello, guys! Welcome to Unofficial Engineering, I am happy to see you here and keen to know about how Unofficial Engineering started or who is the admin of this site.

My name is Om Bhamare and I am one IT engineer, I have started Unofficial Engineering to solve students' doubts and help them regarding Engineering but in a different way like their friends.

At present date, Unofficial Engineering has many telegram groups where students of all branches ask their doubts and questions. If you want to join any group check link on the home page. 

If you want to contact with admin regarding promotions and services or anything else then you can simply ping us on telegram or you can mail us at - unofficialengineers@gmail.com

As the website name says it is not an official or any authority website by any big company or university, it is simply made by one engineer to help other engineers. 

What is Our Goal?

Our main goal is to make engineering simplified for new students and make them feel something best about engineering. Lastly, I just want to tell you I am also one engineer and know about assignments, viva, practicals, insem, endsem and cycle of engineering exams. But, buddy this life is best forever, and if you also think so then join our community of Unofficial Engineering and tell your thoughts regarding this, thanks for visiting.

Om Bhamare


  1. Hey I don't know you but whatever you are doing is really helpful for us and thank you so much you are providing this info and materials free of cost keep going brother

  2. hey bro! you're doing great job keep going