First Open Colleges Then... | College Re opening news

Maharashtra health minister suggests first open colleges and then open schools, he said many of 18 and above students got vaccinated and it will be more beneficial to open their colleges first. 


Also, they mentioned before opening any of them we need to decide some protocols and all necessary things.  After doing this we will think to open colleges and schools. 

Until now, no decision has been taken about re-opening colleges and others, but soon it may be taken by the looking condition of Covid-19 in Maharashtra. Comment your opinion on this below.

See 10th Board result below


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  1. Look, their is shortage of vaccine, I have taken the First dose of COVI-SHIELD vaccine and now starving for the second one and their is no appointment available. Apart from that the vaccines are not reliable as there many cases of COVID-19 which are happened after the vaccination even after taking second dose. So the committee should come up with solid solution if they want to reopen the collages, quite early. I am not against it, Like I am not one who don't want this collages to open, but the inconvenience of students should not happen like Hostel and mess things like that.

    1. Yes, you are absolutely right, they have not finalized their decision till now so no need to worry, hope so they will take this decision by considering all of us.

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